(Warning: The following words are my unfiltered thoughts on the 2016 election, if you have a problem with it then don’t read.)

We are less than 48 hours removed from the results of the 2016 presidential election and many Americans, including myself are feeling very uneasy. This feeling has gone from anger to hurt to rage to confusion to sadness.

It’s not because a particular candidate won or lost, this is America and wins and losses happen. It’s the ideals and ambitions of that candidate that concern me and many others. While Donald Trump won the presidency in one of the most stunning upsets in american history, it’s the baggage he carries and what he represents that scares many Americans at this moment.

When you build your platform and on “Making America Great Again”, building a wall and chants of “Lock her up” and feeding into the fears of your voters that their America is changing, it’s hard for people to just move on. It’s not as easy as me typing these very words out.

Why? Because I am one of those people.

I’m a 27 year old black man who’s a nontraditional college student and has health insurance under the national healthcare act or “Obamacare” as many of you call it. So yeah, the results of this election have an effect on me.

America elected a man who held firm in the fact that the current president was not born here up until just a few months ago. America elected a man who has a long history of demonizing minorities and women. America elected a man who wants to build a wall to keep the rapists and “bad hombres” out. America elected a man who’s bragged about sexual assault and now, after all of that we are just supposed to move on?

I find that very difficult because of all of those things I mentioned in the paragraph above. I find it hard to move on because I know people who are trump supporters who tell me that I need to move on, I talk with these people and work with these people every day. Although our interactions are not contentious (in person), the very endorsement of that man has me concerned.

Are you ok with that type behavior? Were you so disenchanted with Hillary Clinton or the Obama legacy that you decided to “Make America Great Again”?

When you brag about sexual assault that hits home to me because I know plenty of women and I’m sure you know plenty of women who’ve been victims of this heinous crime. Comments like that alone are alarming enough to keep a man like Donald Trump away from the oval office.

President-elect Trump has yet apologize to the Central Park Five for the brutal ad he took out in the New York Time back in May of 1989 and held firm in that stance less than a month ago. In 2016 we’ve seen a continuation of violence of unarmed African Americans involving police. While I never expected Barack Obama to do anything regarding it, I feel less safe that Donald Trump is wanting to bring back “Law and Order”. One of the things he’s championed for is brining back “Stop and Frisk” a tool that was used by police to target criminals, many of which were minorities.

There were no plans offered up to a Trump presidency and people are just supposed to move on? While that might be easy to say, it’s not. While I am an American and proud to be one, I find it difficult to support this president based on the principles and ideas I’ve been taught over the last 27 years. Those very ideals and thoughts seem to be looked over in the pursuit of power.

I know everything will be alright eventually, as for right here, right now? Not yet.