On October 17th, the “Power 5” became the “Power 4”

On October 17th, the Big 12 decided to forego any type of growth in college athletics.

On October 17th, the Big 12 died.

As Commissioner Bob Bowlsby and board of directors chairman David Boren sat in the press conference on Monday evening, they updated the media on their latest conference meeting.

That update became a eulogy six years in the making.

As many of you know, the Big 12 has teased the aspect of conference expansion since their near death in 2010. Earlier this summer, the Big 12 reopened the thought of expansion and it sounded like they were serious this time. So serious that the Big 12 solicited offers from schools like Cincinnati, Houston and BYU used their resources to hopefully woo the Big 12 in creating a better life for their athletic programs and their athletes.

October 17th was the day we’d find out the next step for the Big 12, that day came and went with nothing being done. No Invites to anybody, Cincinnati would not see join their regional rival Louisville in finally reaching a top conference. BYU and Houston were left out in the cold as well.

Why you may ask?

Because the Big 12 is scared and that thought of being scared has sent them to an early grave.

Scared of what you ask? Sharing a piece of their burnt orange and white pie that everybody else has had to scrounge for over the last six years? Scared of bringing teams in that might find enough sense to leave like four other schools did before?

Whatever the reasons, the Big 12 made it clear that they weren’t going to expand and that having 10 teams in their conference was just fine.

Then what was the point of all of this?

What was the point of seeing all these schools essentially whore themselves out to you and then you still can’t come to a conclusion on allowing at least one or two of them in. What the lead reps for each for each school in the conference did on Monday was one of the most spineless and shameful things things I’ve ever seen.

Not only did the 10 member schools not come to a conclusion on who can be in their conference but they’ve also decided to shelve the idea of a network as well.

Four of the five power conferences have some type of network that showcases all their schools and the respective sports. Guess who doesn’t have one?

That’s right, the Big 12.

For a conference that’s looking to grow, they seem to be doing everything in their power to stunt that growth.


When assessing the current state of the Big 12, it’s clear to see that this conference doesn’t want to be great and will do anything to prolong their impending death in 2024-2025. On Monday afternoon, the conference decided to move that date up to October 17th 2016.

The conference is still going to go ahead with their conference title game in 2017 which means that the team who finished first in the Big 12 at the end of next season will have to play a team that they’ve already played and beaten most likely. Which makes sense for a conference that wants to make it even more difficult to gain respect that went away a long time ago.

Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska and Texas A&M left before the last rites were said and now the rest of us who cover this conference are merely pallbearers carrying the casket of a conference who’s now dead.