Conference Play is still in it’s early stages but there are some major storylines across the landscape of College Football.

-Clemson is 4-0 and looking like a true ACC Legit Contender

-Bama and LSU are on a Collision Course for the SEC West Title/Spot in BCS Title Game??

-Wisconsin and Oklahoma State becoming Legit National Title Contenders.

How I rate the games-It’s Simple, I choose the five games I deem the most important going into the weekend based on previous history or significance for the season or that week.

Rating Scale

5 Stars-Put the Family and Friends on hold from the pregame talks to the post game show. 

4 Stars-Keep your butt on the couch but still make plans, it could be over at any second. 

3 Stars-Eat dinner with your lady/gentleman friend but be near a TV just in case. 

2 Stars-Keep the game on Tivo in case it becomes the game of the week.

1 Star-Eat some KFC while Listening to Pink Floyd in the Dark

Thank God None of this weeks games will make you do this.

Five Star Game of the Week Number 1. #8Nebraska (4-0) At. #7 Wisconsin (4-0) “AKA” The B1G Spring Game!!!

Lets run through all of the things Nebraska and Wisconsin have in Common….

Red and White…Farming…Power Football…Corn…Decent looking co-eds….That’s about it.

Nebraska's first of many tough games in their new conference.
Wilson may be the best QB in America. With a Win, he'll be the leader in the Heisman Race.

This will be the night cap of a fun day of college football, the Cornhuskers and Badgers both are top ten schools but it’s the Badgers who are taking most of the headlines this week. Russell Wilson is a Heisman contender, the defense may be better than last season but the know on ‘Sconsin is they haven’t played anybody. Legit point? Maybe but have they been impressive? Heck Yes. For Nebraska this will be their maiden voyage into the Big Ten Conference and what a difficult one it will be. The 8th Ranked Huskers have a lot of questions that will be solved Saturday on ABC, can Taylor Martinez hold his own in a hostile environment? Will the Blackshirt Defense Stop Russell Wilson? Will Bo and/or Carl Pelini choke a small Wisconsin Fan?

Little Jimmy Better Watch Out...
Bo's gonna Power Bomb a Child in Madison, WI if Nebraska gets Hammered.

 Final Score-Wisconsin-32, Nebraska-24

Five Star Game of the Week Number 2. #3 Alabama (4-0) At. #12 Florida (4-0) “AKA” Possible SEC Title Game Preview.

The two most talent rich programs in the SEC in the last 10 Years meet up for what could be the first of two possible meetings. Long gone are the days of epic 90’s match ups between Steve Spurrier and Gene Stallings and now we have some of the most intense/scariest coaches in college football. Will Muschamp and Nick Saban. Muschamp has the Tide at Home. Will he take advantage of it?

Bama, Florida, The Swamp. Must DVR.

Its’s no secret that the once great relationship between Muschamp and Saban is now soured due to some things that happened while Saban was coaching the Miami Dolphins (According to this story It will be a tough game for both guys, coaching against a “Former Friend” but this will be much tougher for the Crimson Tide QB AJ McCarron who did well on the road against Penn St. but playing in The Swamp is a much, much different Animal. With an improved Florida team and Bama still a little green at the Quarterback spot the ,masses will call this an upset but truly it wont be. The “Bama Combover” won’t help the Tide rise in Gainesville, FL Saturday Night on CBS

AJ won't fare so well in the Swamp

Final Score-Florida-20, Alabama-16

Four Star Game of the Week Number 1. #15 Baylor (3-0) At. Kansas St. (3-0)

Raise your hand if before the season you thought this game would be a Big 12 Elimination Game? Yep. That’s Right. None of you!!  This game to open up the Big 12 (where every game counts) will show the conference and the nation that there is a fourth team to enter the Big 12 Title Race. Baylor’s Robert Griffin has an amazing stat line this season, 13 Touchdowns and 12 Incomplete Passes. Read that again if you have to. Griffin has been on a tear ever since the opening week classic against TCU in Waco. This week it’s much different, Griffin and the Bears head to a raucous Manhattan, KS that has been wanting a game like this, something that Kansas St. became famous for, having ranked teams come in and them leaving with a loss.

Kansas St. is one win away from being back in the national spotlight

Kansas State looked impressive last week against Miami but then had moments where you would sit back and wonder, how are they in the game. With Colin Klein at QB every snap is a trip to the dentist, you don’t know whats gonna happen but you want it to end quickly. Baylor will need to knock out the Wildcats early in this one or Bill Snyder Family Stadium will be rocking Saturday Afternoon

Final Score-Kansas St.-33, Baylor-31

Four Star Game of the Week Number 2. #13 Clemson At. #11 Virginia Tech

Someone check and see if Danny Ford is on the sidelines for Clemson again because I know that’s not the Dabo Swinney I’ve called to be fired several times in the last year and a half.

I'm Still Here!!! Suck it A-Hamm!!

Heading to Lane Stadium on Saturday will be a huge test for the Tigers as they will be facing a Virginia Tech squad that is looking for some respect in the ACC after schools like Clemson and Georgia Tech have stolen some of the Hokies thunder. The last time the Tigers faced Va-Tech they were trampled 41-23 but this is a different Tigers team. Too bad they are facing a Virginia Tech team that hasn’t changed it’s football philosophy.

Final Score-Va. Tech-31, Clemson-20

Three Star Game of the Week #17 Texas (3-0) At. Iowa St. (3-0) 

What does Paul Rhoads+Iowa St. at Home+Texas+Gus Johnson Give You?

Your First Gus-Gasam of the College Football Season.

It’s Taylor Made for it, the Cyclones are maybe the most dangerous team in the Big 12 and the Texas Longhorns are still trying to work out the kinks with McCoy to Shipley 2.0 and add to the fact that Texas is still in the funk that’s lingered since last season. The Horns need to win this game for some (Dare I say it in this conference) Respectability in the Big 12. The only real reason why this game is going to go to the Cyclones….

Gus. Johnson.

Hide Ya Horns, Hide Ya Bevo!! Gus is doing a Texas Game!

Final Score Iowa St.-24, Texas-14

BONUS PICK!!!!!! Minneosta At. Michigan (Little Brown Jug)

Only reason I’m picking this game is because it gives me the excuse to say Little Brown Jug. I mean I can’t say it on a date, or in church without someone asking me what in the hell I’m so excited about. So lets start the twitter trend everybody!!

#LittleBrownJug #LittleBrownJug #LittleBrownJug #LittleBrownJug #LittleBrownJug


Final Score-Michigan-28, Minnesota-10